Made in the USA Policy

Purely USA®’s goal is to be the primary source for products Made in the USA.  To us the best products, of course, are products that are 100% made in the USA, from the raw materials all the way to the final coat of paint.   With that said, if we actually apply this standard, we wouldn’t be able to have a product offering large enough to interest customers to shop on our site.  In addition, the reality is that there are some products that are less than 100% “Made in the USA” that are higher quality than the 100% “USA Made” product.  

So, how should we go about setting a standard?  First, to borrow a little logic from a Supreme Court decision, one knows a foreign made product when sees it.  That is, we can apply a little common sense.  

Second, there are standards established already for quite a few products.  For example, automobiles, textiles, wool, and fur products must disclose already have very specific requirements.  While other products do not have the specific requirements of the industries listed above, there have been suggested guidelines, which seem reasonable.   Thus, Purely USA® will borrow two key points from a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed definition, ctied below.

The first is a "percentage content" safe harbor, requiring that U.S. manufacturing costs constitute 75% of the total costs of manufacturing the product, and that the product was last "substantially transformed," under U.S. Customs Service standards, in the United States. The second option is a "processing" safe harbor, requiring that the final product was last substantially transformed in the U.S., and that all significant inputs into the final product were last substantially transformed in the U.S.

Finally, Purely USA® reserves the right to use common sense.  We are not going to quibble over 74% vs 75%.  We’ll leave this duty for some over-paid bureaucrat in Washington.  That said, there is a huge difference between 10% “Made in the USA” and 75%.  

Purely USA®’s policy is to use the FTC guidelines as a target minimum threshold.  Purely USA® reserves the right to moderately deviate from the guidelines, especially if product quality is a concern, or if American made products above the threshold are difficult to find.  At the end of the day, all products offered on the site will be sufficiently “Made in the USA”, applying Supreme Court logic.  Vendors that knowingly sell products not made in the USA risk being terminated.  

Customers and visitors to the Purely USA® should report products suspected of not being sufficiently made in the USA by contacting us via our contact us page or by calling 877-USA-1783 (877-872-1783).

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